Jane Booke story


Celebrity designer Jane Booke, grew up in Los Angeles, in Bel-Air and was left with a housekeeper for months at a time while her mother and step father traveled to exotic places orchid collecting and on digs for Pre-Columbian art, both of which they had the largest private collections in the world. She had to be creative to balance out the loneliness of her childhood.

She studied acting at the Lee Strasburg Theater Institute in Hollywood, California. While she loved acting, she found that there was no thrill in the audition process. After doing a few films and some television, she decided to pursue a career in music. She was signed to an Atlantic subsidiary, and worked with music producer Desmond Child who produced Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Joan Jett, and many others. When he heard a demo of Jane's, he made time in his busy schedule to produce her music, which she wrote herself.

As a young teenager she traveled every year to Europe with her father who had a home in the south of France. She could never find any clothes she liked in department stores, so she searched the vintage shops of Europe and found beautiful dresses from the 20s 30s and 40s.

When she returned home one year she had the idea to remake similar dresses in new fabrics so they could actually be worn. She went to Beverly Hills High School where her friends wanted all her designs she wore to school.

It was many years later when she was at a celebrity wedding that the owner of a high-end beverly hills boutique asked who the designer was for her outfit. When she said she did it herself, the store owner ended up buying so many pieces that Jane had her own corner of the store, which was Les Habitudes. Stylists started pulling her clothes for celebrities and photo shoots, and the rest is history. Her design career took off seemingly overnight and she had to take a crash course in the fashion business. She has designed dresses for a multitude of Hollywood stars.

"Her clothes are so romantic!" - Jennifer Aniston

She has been featured in People Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, and many other fashion magazines. She was on Joan Rivers Fashion Emergency, where the producers told her she should have her own show. She has created her own world at her home in Hancock Park which is also her studio. It is a magical place and most people don't want to leave once they arrive. One of her early business partners, John Paul DeJoria, smelled her perfume before she even walked into his office for a meeting one day, and asked what kind it was. When she told him she made it herself, he suggested that she make it available to the public, which she did. It is called taken. She was asked to be on the television show EXTRA to talk about the unique perfume, which they had heard was a man magnet.

Jane describes her clothing as "Camelot meets Star Wars."