Wedding Dresses

Jan, 17, 2023

Wedding dresses

It used to be that wedding dresses had to be modest, if not matronly.
Thank God that has changed!


There are a lot of definitions for the word “sexy.” The dresses I create are sexy not sleazy! The fabrics I use, are in and of themselves “sexy.“


When silk touches your skin, you just feel different. You walk differently, and there is a sense of power in that for all women!
To most women, this is the biggest day of their lives, and the wedding dress is the most important dress they will ever buy.


I have had women come to my atelier, and when they walk in, they may seem downtrodden, and heavy. I have seen women blossom before my eyes when they put on my clothes.


When a woman puts on her wedding dress, a sense of power, confidence, and sensuality should be the way she feels , when it slides over her head onto her body.


I tell women that their power and their strength is in their femininity.
Some have even written me letters of thanks.


It’s so important for women to support each other and lift each other up.
A woman should feel confident that when she puts her wedding dress on, that she has made the right decision, looks beautiful, and feels the power she was born to have.